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Relax & Release Retreat

September 11-14, 2023, Effingham, NH
Massage therapist retreat and championship – Recognized member of the US Association of Massage Championships

Nature & Nurture

Healing the healer: Take time for yourself to recharge your batteries and re-energize yourself to bring your talents to the next level. Vegetarian meals, lodging, up to 24 CEs and extra events included – no extra fees.

Serene setting

Gather with us at Camp Marist on the shores of Lake Ossipee in Effiingham, New Hampshire. Meet like-minded therapists, learn, reset, recharge your batteries. Accommodations and all meals included.

Vincent Dufort

Retreat Director

Featured CE teachers

He is currently the Director of Education for the Colorado AMTA and is a published author for Advanced Healing Journal as well as a published researcher. He has taught at hospitals, universities and colleges all over the world, including the Johns Hopkins Campus in FL, the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and Children’s Hospital of Denver.

with over 33 years
in practice. In 2005, she completed her osteopathic training in Toronto, Ontario and received her
diploma of osteopathic manual practice and a diploma in the science of osteopathy. Vickie completed
her degree with a qualitative thesis on the topic of Visceral Osteopathy.
Throughout her career, Vickie has been involved in teaching and program development for a NH
massage school, served on the NH advisory board, served as government relations chair for AMTA and
currently volunteers on the FSMTB exam development committee to review questions for the MBLEx.
To feed her knowledge of the body, Vickie developed a relationship with Geisel School of Medical School
and Franklin Pierce University to assist in cadaver dissection and teaching. She is also a student of
Sikaran Martial Arts, a Philippine style of karate. She is a 3rd degree Black Belt student and continues to
study and teach at the dojo.
Vickie maintains a part time private practice in New London, NH and teaches continuing education in
anatomy, cranial sacral therapy, visceral manipulation and positional release.

Extraordinary community leaders

who has dedicated his life to sharing the wonders of the more-than-human-world with people of all ages. He’s a bird-whisperer, Registered Maine Guide and Certified Wildlife Tracker. Dan helps others slow down, tune in and find connection to the world around us in a myriad of ways. As a lifelong learner, he is always asking questions and challenging assumptions. Dan served as science faculty at multiple colleges and co-founded White Pine Programs, where he served as Executive Director for 20 years. Dan now runs Lead with Nature, where he offers consulting, training and guide services.

She is an alchemist of energy healing. Her loving spirit and thirty plus years of experience create a safe, sacred, and nurturing environment to ignite your self-love and self-trust, so you can become who you came here to be. She is a midwife of ascension and Divine evolution seeing every moment as an opportunity to unconditionally love ourselves and each other. She offers private in-person and distance sessions, as well as many teachings, certifications, and gatherings. She has a BA in social work and women’s studies, as well as certifications in many healing modalities.
Her great passion is certifying others in her beloved original modality, Heart Lotus Evolution. This is a profound evolutionary journey for healers, artists, parents, and anyone on the path of ascension.
She lives in Portland Maine with her amazing wife Mindy and three cats. In her spare time, she loves communing with nature, gardening, reading, singing, dancing, and socializing.

to people of all ages and abilities. From a place of safety, students are invited to access a sense of inner calm to build emotional and physical strength. Classes are gentle and inclusive with multiple options offered for poses so that each student can find a variation that is right for their body. Sue teaches an invitational approach to yoga and meditation that allows space to pause and notice. The adaptability of Sue’s style of practice allows beginners, seniors, people with health issues or those who want a slow calming approach, find confidence in creating a practice that works for them.
Sue’s teaching style is informed by her journey with chronic illness and her background in law enforcement. After discovering and failing in love with yoga, she came to learn: when you begin to deeply relax, you begin to deeply heal. Sue has been teaching this compassionate and healing style of yoga full time, to people of all ages and abilities since 2007.

who uses the frequencies and vibrations of crystal singing bowls to help his clients achieve a variety of enhanced experiences. Over the past six years Garry has been helping individuals in private sessions and small group settings achieve their physical, mental, and spiritual goals. You won’t hear him make too many claims of what is possible through the magic of a crystal singing bowl session, instead he lets the bowls speak for him. Each session is unique from all the others and is channeled specifically for the individual or individuals receiving. What Garry says is, “It’s not me, I’m just the hollow bone or conduit.” If you were to Google the benefits of using crystal singing bowls you would see all sorts of claims from reducing stress to stimulating your immune system. One thing he will promise is; you will be relaxed as long as you allow yourself

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Deb Wentworth


Deb is a local massage therapist and yoga teacher.

ducks, mallards, birds-7935500.jpg

Gyme-Lynn Bennett

logistics coordinator

Gyme-Lynn has been invaluable in venue acquisition and coordinating behind the scenes for getting the event to happen.

Rebecca Dufort

hey flower lady!

Rebecca is a 25 year overnight success. With credentials from the American Institute of Floral Design and a masters in European Floral Design.

Vincent Dufort

at your Service

Drawing on more than 20 years of men’s retreats, Vincent decided to launch a new adventure with the Massage Experience.

Our Vision

We are creating an experience for massage therapists to gather, retreat and rejuvenate, be nurtured in nature.

Our vision is to have a massage championship held in New Hampshire which not only aligns with the World Championship Massage and the American Massage Championships, but also to create an annual event that will bring your tribe together for camaraderie, networking and growth.

Join fellow massage therapists, learning together with up to 24 CEs and many other experiences such as bird language, sacred geometry morning yoga and much more. We will share meals and have opportunities to really exchange with each other. Areas will be provided for sharing also.

Wanting to feel connected to your massage therapist community? We are creating an experience where this happens.

Join the Experience